Better collaboration with Cisco Spark for iOS

From a message appearing on the iPad indicating a fault on the factory floor to being able to edit a file on the move. These are examples of how mobile technologies are deployed for business purposes. They highlight a globally evolving trend. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that using mobile technology is regarded as a necessity. In fact, employees believe that they work more productively using their mobile devices. Collaboration would seem to be the only area still to be conquered. How can companies get their employees to collaborate more efficiently?

Need to use mobile technology more

The number of activities which employees are carrying out on mobile devices continues to grow. The iPhone and iPad offer users a good experience, which means that employees are totally used to using their mobile devices. This boosts their productivity. Collaboration is the only area where there are still no mobile applications available which offer the desired functionality and top performance. As an upshot of this, many collaboration solutions are still unable to guarantee the desired level of security. This makes them unsuitable for business use from the outset. However, employers are keen to boost productivity and improve internal and external collaboration. This is something that Cisco Spark can contribute to.

Cisco Spark as a collaboration solution

Efficient collaboration is something that every company or organisation wants to achieve. A communication tool like Cisco Spark enables companies to collaborate anywhere. This is an application that allows you to send reports securely, share files and have meetings with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Security is a major asset offered by Cisco Spark. A great deal of attention has been focused on this area in developing the solution, with the daily activities of major enterprises very much in mind. Both the application itself and the accompanying features come with a security key. All information is sent and stored in encrypted form.

Benefits of Cisco Spark for iOS

If you want to deploy this type of collaboration tool in your company, it is vital that the network and device on which the application is running are seamlessly connected to each other. The tool will function better, and the components can reinforce each other. Cisco and Apple offer this security when the Cisco Spark application is run on an iOS device: Cisco Spark for iOS.

Cisco Spark for iOS is simple to use and is easy to integrate with existing collaboration software from Cisco, such as Cisco WebEx. This means that you don’t need to install any new communication platform in your organisation. Another benefit is that employees don’t need any training to use Cisco Spark for iOS as all Spark’s features can be operated natively on the iPhone and iPad. This means that a Spark call is displayed as a normal phone call on the iPhone, something which users are already used to.

Do you want to find out more about collaboration between Cisco and Apple? There is far more to it than just Spark for iOS. For instance, when running iOS 12 on the Cisco enterprise network, you can expect a perfect, secure wireless connection and give priority to business-critical applications. Take a quick look at our information page!