Three sectors which use mobile devices to boost productivity and customer satisfaction

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role. It is not only in our private life that we are frequently using laptops, smartphones and tables, but their use is also becoming increasingly important in the workplace. And there is good reason for this as they contribute to a more pleasant and efficient work environment and increase customer satisfaction. Various sectors have discovered the opportunities mobile devices offer and are already making smart use of them, which is improving how companies in these sectors are run overall. This is illustrated by the three business cases presented below.

Mobile devices make hospital stay more pleasant

In the healthcare sector, they are already well advanced in the deployment of mobile technology. A visit to the hospital is never a nice experience, but a stay in hospital can be made more pleasant for patients by giving them more insight into their care in the form of data and involving them in their recovery plan. The ideal tool for doing this is the iPad, which many people use on a personal basis and find user-friendly. In a hospital in Louisiana, as well as in a number of hospitals closer to home in Europe, patients are being given iPads. They can use them to see their test results, their course of treatment, information about their medication, and even watch educational videos. The hospital is using this information to involve patients in their road to recovery, also giving them a greater feeling of control. To guarantee privacy, patient data is protected and is only available to the doctor and patient.

Once the test results are available, the doctor receives a message immediately on his/her mobile device.

Doctors can also do their job a bit more efficiently if they have an iPad Mini, which fits neatly into the pockets of a white coat. There are special apps which can help them access patients’ status and medical history. While doing their rounds seeing the patients, the doctors can consult and edit this information at any time. Using an expensive computer on wheels (COW) or walking round with paper files is a thing of the past. Once the test results are available, the doctor receives a message immediately on his/her mobile device. And does a patient need their medication? If so, a nurse comes along with an iPad to scan the barcode on the patient’s wristband. Consequently, the correct medication is administered to the patient at the correct dosage.


  • Makes the patient’s stay in hospital more pleasant
  • Makes the doctor’s job easier

Shorter queues at airports

The smart use of mobile devices is not only being seen in the healthcare sector, it is now also happening in the airline sector. For instance, a UK airline company is using iPads to boost customer satisfaction. If you ask passengers what irritates them the most at airports, long queues often come at the top of the list of answers. How can this be solved? For starters, ticketing staff have been provided with iPads running apps which they can use to scan boarding cards, check passengers’ booking details, or look for flight information and rebook passengers. All of which can be done within four minutes per passenger. You can imagine that this significantly speeds up the flow of passengers. This also means more personal attention for passengers because ticketing staff stand in front of the ticket desk rather than behind it. These are small changes which can ultimately have a considerable impact on customer satisfaction.

Apart from the smart apps for ticketing staff just mentioned, all this UK company’s customer service agents use other apps to offer a high-quality service to passengers. They enable them, for instance, to identify passengers who are transferring to their next flight and to easily communicate with passengers from abroad using a translation app. Ground staff can also help passengers locate their lost luggage.


  • Boosts customer satisfaction by giving them more personal attention
  • Ensures better passenger flow
  • Makes the ground staff’s work more efficient and pleasant

Mobile devices speed up the production process

In the industrial sector, there are usually lots of different processes going on in one location, such as a factory. There is a high level of mechanisation and automation, and there are plenty of workers around. This is the ideal environment for mobile equipment to improve the production process. A globally-operating technology provider from Sweden has enthusiastically embarked on making the process run more flexibly. Machine operators on the shop floor, as well as sales teams in the office and engineers in the field use iPads and iPhones to access important up-to-date data. They communicate and share information directly with colleagues via chat programs, which offers a considerable improvement in terms of collaboration.

Employees save a great deal of time as they no longer need to go back and forth through the factory to collect data from different machines and desktop workstations.

At the start of every shift, factory workers log in on a secure app and are presented with a well-structured user interface. They select the machine which they need to obtain information about and see from colours on the screen the status of the relevant device. If an alarm goes off, they can then see straightaway where a fault is located. In addition, the app enables workers to simplify complex data from machines. The data is selected in such a way that only information which is important to the relevant factory worker is displayed. Employees no longer have to needlessly go back and forth through the factory to collect data from different machines and desktop workstations.


  • Improves and speeds up the production process
  • Saves sales staff 25 minutes’ working time every day

Why not grab the opportunities yourself for using mobile devices?

Mobile devices are already deployed in different sectors and companies in a well-thought-out manner. We can conclude from the examples presented above that, in different situations, mobile technology can make life a bit easier for employees and customers. Not to mention that it provides organisations with major strategic benefits because it speeds up work and production processes considerably.

Would you like to find out more about the opportunities mobile devices offer and what you need to look out for if you want to enable staff to use this form of mobility? If you do, download the factsheet “Opportunities for using mobile devices in the workplace”.


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There is a rise in the use of mobile devices in the office, resulting in a variety of benefits. How do you grab these opportunities?