Opportunities for using mobile devices in the workplace

Employees want to be able to input an order in any room in the office, they want to be making VoIP calls while walking along, and to take along their tablet with them to a quiet area to prepare a presentation. Using mobile devices in the workplace can provide your organisation with numerous benefits, as you can see from our factsheet.

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Perfect environment for mobility

How do you create now the ideal environment to utilise the benefits described in the factsheet? It is vitally important that you have the right equipment, taking into account your employees’ preferences. Your employees not only need a mobile device, you also have to have a good wireless network.

Download the whitepaper straightaway for more information about:

  • the favourite operating system and device in the business environment;
  • what other factors you need to think about when opting for a particular device;
  • how you set up a rapid, stable and secure Wi-Fi connection.