Affordable, straightforward wireless network

Mobility offers the business sector major opportunities. Employees are no longer tied to their desk, which means that they can work productively in different places. They need mobile devices to be able to do this, which can connect to a wireless network. And an enterprise-class wireless network into the bargain, which can handle all these devices and applications. Are you afraid that a good network like this, offering the right features, is out of your reach? Things have changed in this respect.

Wi-Fi is a must in the office. Employees use various mobile devices at more than one workplace in the company, thereby boosting their productivity. To achieve this, all these mobile devices need to be able to connect to the wireless network. If a wireless network is not up to this task, the speed will drop, and your employees’ productivity will decrease. How can you maintain the speed of your wireless network for your business?

Complicated and expensive?

Many Wi-Fi solutions which offer the speed that today’s companies need are too complicated for those companies which have few IT staff, if any at all. For example, setting up the network requires a huge amount of time and expertise which is not available in-house. And not forgetting the management of it afterwards. But a rapid, stable wireless network doesn’t need to be complicated. If you opt for a wireless network which can be controlled in terms of configuration and management via a mobile application or web interface, you will make it less complicated.

However, solutions like these are renowned for being expensive. If you take a look at the current market, this doesn’t need to be an obstacle any more either. This means that there is a wireless solution available even for smaller companies. The Mobility Express Solution from network specialist Cisco exactly meets the requirements of the SME sector, including scalability, easy use and speed at a price which SMEs can afford. On the back of more than 17 years’ experience in wireless technology, Cisco knows exactly the requirements which wireless networks must meet (for an SME). They have devised and integrated into the solution 29 best practices. Given that no physical controller is required to configure and manage the wireless network, Cisco can keep the purchase costs down.

Cisco access points

The Cisco Mobility Express Solution deploys the Cisco Aironet 1850 and 1830 Series Access Points and Meraki Access Points, which are compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Since the access points are backwardly compatible, which means that they can also control older Cisco access points, companies operating an existing Cisco wireless network don’t need to acquire a completely new architecture.