Mobile devices in the office. A good idea or not?

Mobile devices are finding their way from the home to the business market It is increasingly commonplace to have a laptop, smartphone and/or tablet from work. This provides numerous benefits for the business.

You’ve already seen this trend developing in the workplace. Employees have been bringing their iPhone and other mobile devices to work with them for a number of years, so that they can keep in touch with others and keep up to date with news and developments. Initially, they were mainly used for developments and contacts relating to their private life, which means these devices were viewed as distractions. Managers made employees leave their smartphones at home.

Fortunately, the situation has changed a great deal in this respect over the last few years. As users were becoming aware of the enjoyment from using mobile devices, they also saw the benefits for their work. For instance, they can bring their MacBooks, iPhones and iPads with them to a quieter workplace or quickly run through the minutes of the last meeting in their car.

Three devices per person

Now that the devices are appreciated more in the office, they have grown quickly in number. An employee uses three mobile devices on average in the office. This may sound an exaggeration, but just look at your own desk and those of your colleagues around you. And yes, you can include your personal phone.

Benefits of mobile devices in the office

Mobile devices in the workplace offer lots of opportunities for the business environment. Maybe you have already purchased company laptops and phones to offer people the chance to boost their productivity and improve contact with your customers? Because that’s what we’re seeing on the market. Whereas warehouse workers previously had to call the purchase department to advise about a particular order, they can now input an order from the warehouse on their iPad, which only still needs to be approved by Purchasing.

Are you curious about the benefits which mobile devices can provide in the office and how you can give your business a positive boost with them? Download the factsheet straightaway.

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There is a rise in the use of mobile devices in the office, resulting in a variety of benefits. How do you grab these opportunities?