Why isn’t my Wi-Fi working?

An Internet connection that constantly drops out, applications which are slow to load and a part of the building where staff are unable to use Wi-Fi at all. Unfortunately, these problems are familiar to many companies. Why doesn’t Wi-Fi work properly all the time and what can you do about it?

For starters, there is a huge increase in the number of mobile devices being used in the workplace. Employees use three mobile devices on average, such as a MacBook and iPhone or, for instance, a wearable like a smartwatch. Some of these devices are required to run the business, while your employees use others for personal enjoyment.

Pressure on the wireless network

Even though using mobile devices provides numerous opportunities, such as increasing your company’s productivity, these devices also use up valuable bandwidth on your Wi-Fi network. Just think, for instance, of the applications installed on a mobile device. There are, on average, more than 40 applications on mobile devices, with the Facebook application running in the background, updating the timeline. Applications like Instagram and Twitter behave in more or less the same way. These apps then take up quite a bit of room. This pressure can result in business-critical applications not having enough room to perform properly. And if the network is too busy because the bandwidth is overloaded, which makes it run slowly, your employees’ productivity will also drop off.

A good wireless network solution

The first step is to make more space available by acquiring a good wireless network solution. This means that we are not intending to have a wireless network which comprises consumer Wi-Fi products because they are often not suitable for a busy enterprise network. Fortunately, there are numerous Wi-Fi solutions available nowadays which can be used very effectively within a company’s IT infrastructure.

Giving priority to business-critical applications

But even with the best Wi-Fi network, playing a YouTube video clip can block an important web or video conference call. This is why it is important that you can give priority to certain applications in your network. Only then do you know for sure that your business-critical applications will not be disrupted by less important apps.

Fast Lane

A good, rapid and stable Internet connection throughout the whole office building is something that all companies need nowadays. Especially for the business applications which employees need to use to do their job. This is a brief explanation of the “Fast Lane” function featuring in the service offered by IT providers Apple and Cisco. You can quickly read more about the Fast Lane function and other benefits which iOS 12 can offer the enterprise network.

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