Why you need to secure mobile devices on your company network

More and more employees use mobile devices and have access to corporate networks, using a wireless connection. This requires a wide range of challenges in the field of security and management. A complete and user-friendly solution allows everyone to work securely using mobile devices.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have taken their roles in the workplace very fast. When you look at the figures, you can clearly see that this trend will only grow in the years to come. More than three-quarters of internet traffic already comes from mobile devices and that share will only increase. Some experts even expect desktop computers to disappear completely.

A headache for the ICT department
This trend is easy to explain. Technological developments continue to make it easier to connect wireless devices to company networks. Employees have increased job-satisfaction and are more productive when they are not tied to a fixed workplace in the office and can work from anywhere at any time. But, besides the benefits, this also comes with headaches for the ICT department. Administrators are faced with increasing numbers of different devices, all using their own operating systems and security settings. This variety of devices arises mainly because many organizations give employees access to company networks with their personal smartphones, tablets or laptops (Bring Your Own Device).

Risks associated with mobile devices on a company network
Organizations are already highly aware of the need for firewalls, anti-malware solutions and backups. This is much less the case when it comes to mobile security. Recent research shows that 20 percent of organizations worldwide has had to deal with mobile security breaches. The same study shows that security threats on employees’ mobile devices impose a heavy burden on IT departments.

The fact is that there are more and more threats (phishing, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses and other malware) targeting mobile devices. Being unaware of what happens on – unprotected – mobile devices can lead to major problems.

  • Malware accesses the company network through the mobile devices.
  • Infected devices can infect both the network and other devices.
  • Privacy-sensitive data could possibly be made public.
  • Excessive use of certain apps can slow down the corporate network.

A complete solution for access and security
Would you like to see exactly which (mobile) devices are active on your company network and manage their use in the cloud? If so, you need a solution that is both user-friendly and easily scalable. With Cisco Meraki access points you manage all your organization’s network devices centrally in the cloud. This allows you to detect security problems immediately and solve them with the press of a button. The network is easy to extend with supported equipment, such as extra access points, switches, IP-cameras and other security appliances.

  • One central dashboard for managing users, applications and devices, even if you have multiple access points and various devices. Automatic monitoring and warning ensures that you always have a detailed view of what is happening no matter where you are.
  • There is no need to install and maintain hardware or software for management.
  • Secure (PCI-compliant) cloud infrastructure. Scalable from small businesses to millions of users.
  • The security is so strong that you can even insure yourself against hacking, because insurers trust this solution.

Would you like to apply an extra layer to your security? Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that protects your network at DNS server level. This means that 99 percent of all cyberattacks involving malware distribution will be blocked before they can be effective. You can use Umbrella combined with Meraki.