Running iOS 12 on the enterprise network

Do you want your staff always to be able to work “at full speed”? Make mobility a real possibility in your organisation now! Apple and Cisco are joining forces so that you can get the best out of the Cisco infrastructure using your iOS 12 device.

Getting connected to Wi-Fi as quickly as possible anywhere in the building

What if an employee needs a document from another office during a WebEx call or video conference which they are holding via their mobile device? They will be able to go there and fetch it while still on their call, without the necessary Internet connection dropping out when they are out of the access point’s range. You can now select individual Cisco access points based on performance, which will be used for the iOS 12 devices roaming in the building. The iPad or iPhone is automatically routed to the least busy access point from this selection without the user realising.

Giving priority to key iOS applications

If a doctor at the patient’s bedside needs to find the patient’s data, they don’t want to have problems with the Internet connection due to the patient watching a funny video clip in the room next door. Thanks to the Fast Lane feature, you can prioritise your applications, giving the key iOS applications priority over less important applications.

Optimum mobility with Cisco Spark

Previously, you could be reached either via your mobile number on your iPhone or via your business number on your fixed workstation. Spark for iOS is so closely integrated with your iOS system that you receive Spark calls in the same way as your iPhone calls. You and your colleagues can always be reached when you’re on the move. Another bonus is that it is very simple to extend the Spark call to a video conference. And do you enter the meeting room while still on a call? With one swipe you can continue the call on the large screen so that the rest of the people present can participate.

Optimum security

The Cisco Security Connector is an iOS 12 app which provides a complete overview of what is happening on business mobile devices. It provides protection against and prevents users from being able to visit malicious sites via the business network, public Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. And in the event of a security breach, it will identify with lightning speed which users have been infected and what the consequences are.

Apple’s tried-and-tested technologies (iOS) and Cisco quality in terms of networking and collaboration offer you the opportunity to implement mobility in the workplace in the best way that you can come up with. Rapid connectivity, quick access, optimum security and collaboration in a way that you always dreamed of.

During a video conference I can go and stand wherever I want!

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